Grace (songstressgrace) wrote in songweekly,

Song of the Week:

It's a song written a performed by my old georgraphy homie Francesca.

Its called Be Yourself

The lyrics are.. I think:

I was waiting for a train,
didnt think I'd see your face again.
and of all these people I think I know,
your the only one who says hello.

And when you get no reply,
You give it one more try,
but I'm still not sure on whether your talking to me,
That girl who couldnt apply her makeup steadily

And you say,
just be yourself,
listen, i dont love anyone else,
just be yourself,
I love you for who you are - not the way you dress.

I think its rather dandy. check it out. her version of Made up Love Songs really good too.
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